Thanksgiving is a faint memory, which means we are in the throws of the holiday party season, says fitness expert David Kirsch. "With two weeks to go until New Years, it is not too late for some sound tips. Here are my top holiday survival commandments."

1. Follow my A, B, C's of nutrition (NO Alcohol, bread or processed carbs) when and if possible.
Obviously adhering to these rules will have you looking and feeling your best heading into the new year. Alright, I know I sound like the Grinch who stole your holiday party fun, but you will thank me later!

2. Moderation and mindful consumption is key.
It's likely that my first commandment is going to be a tough one to adhere to. If this is the case, make smart choices and moderate consumption of food and beverage.

3. Apply my "Good, Better, Best" philosophy to drinking.
Vodka on the rocks, glass of red wine, white wine spritzer.

4. Be prepared.
Never go to a party hungry. I always advise my clients to fortify with one of the following: DK Protein Plus Shake or KIRSCHBAR, and one of my Energy blends (which contains Energy or Thermo Bubbles, Vitamin/mineral Super Juice and Muscle Restore). Your belly will be full and coated and your mind will be sharp to make the smart choices.

5. Remember: Nobody is perfect!
With the best intentions and preparation, one can end up drinking too much and making unhealthy food choices. Don't beat yourself up! The "morning after" is not always pretty. Get up and start moving your body. No matter how bad it feels, the more you move, sweat and hydrate, the better you'll feel.

6. One night's decadence should not derail the past year's fitness/wellness goals.
Let your hangover be your teacher. Learn from what you did the night before and you're less likely to repeat it again.

7. If you're going to play, you're going to pay.
Start you're day with one of my Ten Minute Express Workouts, followed by a power walk, jog or if you're really brave or feeling really guilty, an intense run. You've got to sweat out the bad - alcohol, fatty foods, desserts.

8. Fortify and hydrate.
No matter what you're stomach and head are telling you, load up on clean proteins - eggs, a protein shake, healthy carbs (oatmeal, quinoa, lentils or beans) and if you're hungover hydrate using my proven Hangover Helper (DK Energy Bubbles, and vitamin/mineral Super Juice mixed with coconut water).

9. Don't let the rules "rule."
Following my holiday rules shouldn't ruin but enhance your holiday season. You will have energy, stamina, and a Sound Mind Sound Body heading into 2013.

Happy and Healthy Holiday Season to you all!