Thanksgiving to many means a decedent feast overindulging in family love and tryptophan. The holiday is heavily focused on its accompanied meal, so it is important to have your decorations be a bit more exuberant than usual to frame the feast's importance. There a few simple additions you can make to your table scape that will emphasize the impact of the holiday by means of color, place settings, and centerpieces.
To incorporate the season into your décor, use autumn colors like mustard, red, and orange. Incorporating these colors into your current china selection doesn't mean replacing all of your white plates for colored. Try placing a salad plate on top in a chosen hue, or finding vintage colored glassware at the local thrift store or flea market. Color is easily incorporated through table linens such as placemats, table runners, and napkins as well. Layering colors adds interest and enhances the lively mood of the meal. If your table is large enough, consider displaying your colorful meal on the table. This will make it easier to grab seconds, as well as carry the color theme throughout the layout of the table.

Think creatively when setting your table for Thanksgiving. Place cards are a great way to work seasonal items or colors into your table setting. If you are really family oriented, have your kids make turkey handprints in the theme colors and write in names when dry. Another idea is to tie a nametag to the stem of an apple, pear, or mini pumpkin or squash. This is simple to create and an impactful decoration that guests can bring home. Use twine or straw to bundle napkins in a festive manner, and dress them up with the addition of leaves, berries, or wheat.

Centerpieces are a great way to add visual impact to a table without many other additions. Firstlook around the house for things you can repurpose like candleholders, vases, and vessels. Then, round up any seasonal items you'd like to incorporate. A few simple ideas include lining tall clear candle holders with foliage, spray-painting dried corn, pumpkins, squash, or acorns in gold and arranging in a tall bowl, or grouping colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables in ceramic vessels to add a pop of color to an otherwise colorless display for a simple, yet decorative look. A bouquet of colorful flowers in autumn hues is another simple display that will incorporate the colors of the meal.

When in doubt, choose items for your table that will add color, light, and sparkle to ensure that your dinner is a special occasion for your guests. Use decorations to imply the importance of the holiday, then use your words and actions to show your guests how thankful you are for them.