colorful ornaments

Dr. Christmas says that the main statement in any Christmas design is always the tree. Therefore, it is important that you choose themed trimmings that will enhance your star attraction. Here, bright Venetian carnival masks and an electric-pink tree skirt intensify the collection of myriad jewel-tone colors.

Ribbon was kept to a minimum -- just a few swirls of fuchsia-and-gold mesh -- so that nothing would detract from the vivid impact of the ornaments. This tree sits in a library window, in front of gauzy burnt-orange curtains, surrounded by curved wooden shelves, leather-bound books, and rich upholstered furniture.

In keeping with the sophisticated surroundings, we used sculpted ornaments. Each ornament was handpainted with intricate designs: lines, arcs, and dots of glitter in contrasting colors. The end result was a lush jewel-like confection that embodied the spirit of Carnivale. Once established in the tree, the party theme was continued throughout the room.

This story first appeared in Dr. Christmas' book, Christmas Style.