It's a Cinch

Sometimes all you need to complete an outfit is a simple accessory like a belt! Style expert Maryam Malakpour shows off three different types of belts to try and how they can completely change the look of an outfit.

In the clip above, Maryam takes three outfits from drab to fab by adding a belt to each--a simple way to amp up the outfits that Heidi is wearing.

Thick belt
A thick belt is great for accentuating a waistline.

Skinny belt
Adding a skinny belt to an outfit gives a defined waistline. Often times, long dresses seem fancy, but adding a thinner belt modifies long dresses for daytime events.

Medium belt
A medium-sized belt gives an outfit a more polished feel, says Maryam. It completes the look by giving an ensemble a nice finish.