Upgrade Your Updo

Don't fall into a boring routine of sporting the same updo! Instead, try something new next time you put your hair back, whether you're looking for something fancy or trying something new besides a ponytail. Hair expert Eric Gabriel shows us how to create a soft and flirty version of the classic French twist.

The first and most important step of creating an updo is to set hair so you have texture and volume. That way, if you throw your hair into a shape it'll stay there!

Next, brush your hair out and backcomb each section. After you've teased every section, straighten out any pieces that are too curly with the blow dryer, concentrating on the pieces around the crown of your head and face.

Remember, the type of pins you chose to use is an important step. Long pins, which are Eric's favorites, hold up a mass of hair and keep it in one place.

To create a classic French twist like in the clip above, twist hair downward and secure with pins. Then pull out pieces to frame the face. Once you get it up, just try to soften everything by pulling out pieces and making everything a little bit looser. It doesn't have to be tight!

When you're finished, don't be afraid to take bobby pins out and place more bobby pins back in. The looser the updo, the more casual you can make it.

It's a great alternative to ponytail or bun. Get out of your old routine and try something new with this updated updo.