Hair expert Eric Gabriel shows us exactly what to do during that awkward "growing out phase" of our bangs!

In the clip above, Eric shares three different styles to try with your bangs. He'll teach you how to braid them, how to blow them out so they last longer, and how to "erase" your bangs by twisting them.

First, Eric braids the bangs into hair for a bohemian look. This is a great, natural option but it's not for everyone, he says.

Next, he tackles the side bang. To achieve the perfect side bang, Eric says the way you should style it depends largely on your hair type--you could blow dry it, flat iron it, and even use styling cream to add shine and hold it together. A side bang is great because it disguises the fact that you have bangs. Start by separating bangs and blowing them dry at an angle to lift up and bend the bangs. This creates a long-lasting look that gives your hair some volume!

Then, Heidi shares her secret for "erasing" bangs--twisting them right into the hair to make them disappear!

Have fun and experiment no matter which look you prefer. Growing out your bangs doesn't have to be a pain! Instead, use your bangs as an accessory for a night out!