valentine's day manicures

This Valentine's Day, get in the mood for love with a Cupid-approved manicure!

From heart-shaped manis to impressive designs that look like conversation heart candy, there are plenty of ways to show your love in various shades of pink, red and white.

Pretty pale polish dotted with subtle hearts is perfect for an understated look, while a red hot design featuring bold stripes is definitely an attention-getter. Flirt your way through the week with romantic nails.

We found these creative manicures on Pinterest. Then, follow these steps below to learn an easy way to paint a heart on your nails, courtesy of the Beauty Department!

How to Paint a Heart on Your Nails:

You'll need: Toothpick, polish, a piece of paper or foil.

1. Pour a little puddle of polish on a piece of paper or tin foil. (Don't use the quick-dry polishes because they get really sticky really fast.) Let the puddle sit for one minute to thicken up just a little. That will make it easier to work with.

2. Using your toothpick dipped in polish, make a dot on your nail.

3. Make a second dot next to that.

4. Using your toothpick tip, drag one of the dots down at a 45 degree angle.
Drag the other dot down at a 45 degree angle to meet the other side. See all the steps and photos here.