Baby, it's getting cold outside. But that doesn't mean we're ready to hibernate our dress collection. Winterize your dresses by adding in key pieces that keep you warm while you're wearing them. You'll be cozy and chic all season long.

DO Add Tights
The simplest way to add a warm layer? Tights! Throw on a pair of black tights to keep it classic, or experiment with colors and patterns. We love these fleece-lined tights.

DO layer
Take a strappy dress and add a cropped blazer or a cardigan. It's easy to find a basic piece you already have in your closet, and just one extra layer will keep you from getting too chilled.

DO choose a long, chic coat
Nothing give you a sleek and polished look like a classic, long black coat. It's a closet must-have and works perfectly with dresses in the colder months. Stay away from shorter coats, which could make the outfit look bulky.

DO choose a long sleeve dress with mesh sleeves
If you're looking to show off a little skin but it's too cold for sleeveless, try mesh sleeves for a little more coverage that is still sexy.

DO dress up a wool dress with accessories
Pair a long-sleeve wool dress with tights, then add a bauble or two to complete the look. It's dressy and warm!

DO add a scarf
One of the easiest ways to keep warm is by incorporating a pashmina or chic scarf into your look. A patterned scarf looks great with a simple wool dress, while a larger pashmina works well as a wrap for a sleeveless dress.

Don't add too many layers
A layer or two will give you the coverage you need, but beware of overdoing it-adding in too many layers can leave you looking frumpy and unpolished. Choose fitted, tailored pieces.

Don't go bare
Unless you just got back from a week on the beach and you've got glowing gams to flaunt, tights are usually the safer and chicer option for winter months. Props to you if you can pull it off, but we prefer to cover up until spring!

Don't go with open toe shoes
Keep toes from freezing by trading in your pumps for cute booties. They're a popular fall trend and the variety of styles on the market means you can find something that works with your look. Your toasty-warm feet will thank you later.