quick and easy tips for a fast manicure

Often times we find ourselves with chipped nails and without the time to spare for a manicure. The solution? Quick and easy steps that make nails look pretty and polished in a matter of minutes. These four steps, courtesy of Bella Sugar, will give you neat and clean nails without the time commitment of a full manicure. Perfect for a girl on the go!


Step one: Rinse hands with warm water. Apply an oil-based salt (or sugar) scrub to soften and exfoliate hands and nails. Spend some time working the product into each nail, pushing back cuticles as you go. Rinse again with warm water.

Step two: Quickly remove any residue and oils from nails with nail polish remover, continuing to focus your efforts on pushing back those cuticles.

Step three: If you're really in a hurry, choose a medium-to-lighter shade for your speedy manicure as opposed to dark shades, which aren't as forgiving of errors. Think about using a polish with a built-in base coat or a quick dry formulation. After all, you're in a hurry - you need it to dry quickly!

Step four: Paint! The optimal way would be the "sandwich" way - base coat, two layers of color, and top coat. This is a five-minute manicure after all, so we've got to cheat a little and do a few short tricks. The best way to paint is in a three motion process: first apply one stroke down the middle of your nail, then blend by painting one stroke on each side.