Really good brows are such an important part of a "finished look," says beauty expert Jaimi Brooks.

They frame the face, only take a quick minute to do yet so few of us actually pay them any attention at all aside from plucking the occasional stray hair. Full, defined brows are lovely and today we are sharing our tips and favorite products to help you make your brows the important part of your face they should be.

Tips to get your best brows:
-You are probably used to your brows being much less defined than they can be so don't be too shy in defining them. At first you might feel like Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street, but it will just take a minute to get used to and the rest of your makeup balances them. After a day or two, your brow filler will be your "if you had one makeup item on a island..." because you'll see how necessary it is.

-It's important to start out with a good, clean brow shape so you know how to fill them. Take time filling them once and then remove any stray hair outside the shape that you've created to make it quick and easy the rest of the days.

-The older we get the more important brow shading is because we loose brow fullness as the years pass (drats!) so we have to compensate a bit. Good thing it's an easy fix!

- Brows naturally are a bit less concentrated where they start by our nose so they are lighter there and are darker at the end by our hairline so use less shading at the front.

-Defining the top of the brow is just as important and defining the underside of the brow so don't neglect it. Just put a little pigment to define it and then swipe the eyebrow brush through and it will blend perfectly.

-Whenever you feel you've gone too dramatic a few swipes of the eyebrow brush
will mend it and take it down a notch. Easy peasy!