Now that 2012 is in full swing, many people have made a resolution to drop a few pounds and live a healthier lifestyle, but sometimes it's hard to squeeze in time to for your fitness regime. That's why fitness expert Andrea Orbeck is coming to the rescue, offering up a few tips that will help you burn calories and get back on track in no time, no matter how hectic your day gets.

20 Rep Circuits with Dumbbells:
Deadlifts, followed by squats, followed by overhead shoulder press followed by bicep curls followed by bent over triceps extensions. (Do all moves x 20 reps, repeat three times with NO break = 15 mins, all over body work, 200 calories)

Rockin' Around the Block:
Five times around the block after your meal is worth circulation, fresh air, digestion and 200 calories (not to mention social time and team leader points with the family--bring them all along!).

Seasonal Sizzle:
Ice skating, cross country skiing, and climbing the hill to slide down on your magic carpet and making a snowman burns major calories, get out there!

Parking Lot Torcher:
Plan on shopping in the before and after chaos? do yourself a two-fer favor, park far away from the entrance. It'll get you walking to and from (which means you burn additional calories) and it gets you out of the parking lot lunacy!