gaining weight

Despite our best efforts to whittle our middles, sometimes our dieting and exercising habits backfire, leaving us fighting a battle with our skinny jeans. Why?

Fitness expert David Kirsch says many times, the culprit has to do with the way you are working out.

Most likely, you are not working out correctly, says Kirsch, who shares some guidance on what to do if you are exercising and eating healthy but find yourself gaining weight instead of losing it.

To correct this problem, you need to intensify the fat-burning cardio aspect of your workout. Traditional bench presses, squats and crunches alone are great, but that won't do the trick when it comes to shedding pounds.

The best way to intensify your cardio is full body circuit training--targeting a combination of your legs, core, shoulders and abs in a quick circuit to get your heart rate up, says Kirsch. If you find yourself bulking up instead of leaning down, you may need to reduce the amount of weight you are using and up the repetitions. Also, make sure you are doing the right moves for your body shape.

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