Whether you're gearing up for a race this fall or you've just starting a running program, there is a lot of false information out there--it can be confusing! So we asked health expert David Kirsch to share his expertise on some of the most common myths when it comes to running. True or false? David tells us!

Myth #1: Runners should be carbo-loading
Carbo-loading is something that is important if you're running a longer distance, for example, a marathon, says David. But if you're doing a 5k or 10k, you need worry more about properly fueling and hydrating instead of carbo-loading.

Myth #2: Always eat before you run
Yes, you need to make sure that you are properly fueled, but again this depends on the distance you're running. Completing a short training run on an empty stomach can help burn more calories. If you feel like you need to eat something to get you through a workout, an apple will provide a good burst of energy without making you feel too full. Again, if you are running a long distance, like a marathon, you need to be sure to fuel up more than for a 5 or 10k.

Myth #3: Goo/gels are necessary for all runners
"I personally hate them," says David. "But, there are people that swear by them. This is purely an endurance thing: if you're doing an endurance run and you feel like you need to have them, or if you're doing an ultra-marathon or an Iron Man, maybe you need to fuel throughout the race. Otherwise you can rely on water stops or sports drinks, or a CamelBack filled with water is a good option."