Model and Andrea Orbeck fitting sports bras Besides keeping your legs stretched and your body hydrated, there is one more element towards achieving the perfect run: A stable and supportive bra. Join Fitness and Wellness Expert Andrea Orbeck as she gives you the best pointers towards finding a sports bra that keeps you cool and collected throughout even your most intense run.

Model in Sports Bra1. The first step towards narrowing down your sports bra options is finding the right size. Step into the dressing room with a bra in your usual size, as well as one size up and one size down for a more accurate pick.

2. Run your finger beneath the band right below the chest plate to make sure it fits snugly for security and support.

3. Similarly, test the elasticity and fit of your bra's strap with two fingers -- straps shouldn't dig into skin, but they shouldn't slip off shoulders either.

4. Don't forget to check the back band of the bra to see if there is an excess of fabric -- a sign of discomfort and instability during your run.

5. When deciding on a sports bra, be sure to select an "athletic fabric," such as a cotton/poly blend to absorb moisture and keep you cool inside and out.

6. Double check the front of the bra to make sure there are no wrinkles across it -- this could mean the bra is too big for your frame.

7. Make sure your sports bra passes the final test: Before leaving the dressing room, jog in place for about a minute to see if you feel as supported and stable as you'd like while moving.