You overate on Thanksgiving--now what? What's you post-Thanksgiving attack plan?
What about for the rest of the holidays? Health expert David Kirsch comes to the rescue. Here's his top tips for getting back on track.
First, David recommends starting the morning with a kick--a little coffee or energy booster. "The morning after, I would start with one of my special David Kirsch energy drinks - my Energy Bubbles, Muscle Restore Super Juice and a shot of AM Daily Detox to start the cleansing," says David.

Next up: Time to hit the cardio. "Then, I'd suggest hitting the gym and doing a one hour full body, sweaty, circuit boot camp to get the body moving and the brain and body reconnected, burn calories, and get everything moving, he says."

When it comes to the rest of the holiday season, just make sure you don't
abandon your exercise and wellness routine. Try to stick with it as much as possible. "If you know you're going to go out and celebrate, make sure you do a little extra cardio that day, " he says. "Never go to a party on an empty stomach - ideally you'd have a Kirschbar or a protein shake to keep you feeling full and to keep you from going for those unhealthy snacks."