Running Injuries

Running and working out can take a toll on your body if you're not careful. Fitness expert David Kirsch shares his tips for what to do if you're experiencing muscle soreness or potential injury. Letting your body rest and recover is key to preventing further injury to the area and for reaching your training goals. Here's his tips for what to do in case of these common workout injuries.

Sprained ankle:
If it's a mild sprain and you wrap it, it's very subjective. Try running on it. If it's really bothering you, then stop because you'll make it worse, and you can mess up your knees, legs, etc.

Sore hips:
Often that happens when you're not stretching properly either before and/or after the run, so make sure that you are conscious of stretching. Try stretching it out and if that's not working then you may want to see a sports specialist.

Shin splints:
Shut it down. Re-examine the running shoes you're using and go to a running specialist and perhaps have him or her evaluate or diagnose your gait. I wouldn't run through shin splints. I did it - not a good idea. That sort of thing is your body telling you to shut it down.