Whether you're training for a marathon or just looking to increase your workout endurance, there is a specific training routine that can help you achieve your goals successfully, no matter what your fitness level. Health expert David Kirsch shares everything you need to know about training. Use these tips to train for a race, or even just to increase your fitness level when you run.

SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS: Mark your calendar for your five daily workouts per week over the next month. Make it a morning ritual so that none of the day's events prevents you from accomplishing your goal.

GET OUTFITTED: Make sure you have the appropriate gear. To find the right shoes, visit your local running shop and have your arches and gait analyzed. Road-racing shoes should be flexible, lightweight, and fitted to your feet-all musts for staying pain-and injury-free. I have a pair of Saucony "Hurricanes" that I love. They support my arches and are light and flexible enough to help me move with ease. And while any old T-shirt or warm-ups could do, clothing made of moisture-wicking or water-repellent materials will keep you motivated to run rain or shine. I also recommend wearing a watch to keep track of your running time outdoors.

MASTER YOUR MECHANICS: Breathe through your mouth and establish a comfortable breathing pattern-it shouldn't feel like work. If you start to feel short of breath, slow down and reset your rhythm.

COOL DOWN: Follow your run with a stretching routine to boost recovery and flexibility.

FUEL UP: Just because you're running doesn't mean you can eat anything you want or as much as you want. How you fuel your body is as important as how you work out. Fuel up five times a day with lean proteins, whole fruits, and vegetables to feed your muscles, keep your blood flowing, and energize your body.

BREAK THROUGH: Endurance is equal parts physical and psychological. Build in workouts that push you beyond your preconceived limits. Channel your inner "Rocky" and run the stairs or do your circuit for twice as long one day.

CELEBRATE SMALL VICTORIES: Keep a training log, track your progress, and celebrate your small victories each week, whether it be an improved pace or healthier eating.-What are the most important things to keep in mind leading up to and on race day?