When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, we can't wait to indulge! But many of us still want to try and make healthy choices over the holidays. So we asked health expert David Kirsch to share some of his best tips for indulging--but not going overboard--on Thanksgiving.
"The key is to enjoy yourself, but in moderation," says David. "Go heavy on the proteins, the turkey, the vegetables, avoid the breads, but some of everything is fine."

He says one of the most important aspects of keeping control of the situation is to stay mindful, but enjoy every bite! "When we abandon all reason and are gluttonous
, mindless, over-consumers, at the end of it you are sitting there with a stomach ache and a feeling of, 'what did I just do?!' says David. "Have pumpkin pie instead of pecan, you don't need the whipped cream or the ice cream, but a piece of pie is fine! Enjoy yourself!"

David's Tips:

-Go heavy on the protein (yes, that means you can have a second helping of turkey!)

-Avoid bread. After all, there's so many other yummy things to try that this shouldn't be too hard. Save room for the good stuff!

-Try a little of everything. Variety is key, so don't feel like anything is off limits. Just have a small serving instead of going overboard.

-Pick your pie wisely. Pumpkin is the best choice when it comes to dessert, says David. It's lowest in calories and pumpkin is packed with nutrients!