workout for summer

As you get in shape for summer, remember nutrition is just as important as your workout routine, says health expert David Kirsch. Combine the two and you'll be bikini ready in no time. Here's his diet and fitness tips for getting in shape for swimsuit season.

"For summer, you want to lighten up your diet," David says. "Stay away from starchy carbs, dairy and follow my ABCs of nutrition (no alcohol, bread, starchy carbs & coffee, dairy, extra sweets and fruits & most fats)."

Instead, fill your diet with green vegetables, healthy carbs like lentils and quinoa and lean protein. And don't forget to drink up! "Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and staying away from sodas and alcohol," he says.

To amp up your fitness regime for spring and get results more quickly, David recommends you focus in your efforts on more boot camp circuits to intensify your workout routine, instead of just basic cardio machines.

"If you are lower body heavy, focus on leg and butt circuits," David says. "If you are upper body heavy, use the stability ball to focus on core strength and workouts."

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