Heidi Klum and Andrea Orbeck To achieve the perfect run, you need the perfect shoe. Since every pair of feet is unique, the shoes that work best for your friend might not be the right ones for you. Fitness expert Andrea Orbeck shows Heidi how to select the best running shoes for her feet, and lets you in on tips for fitting your own feet at home. Without a proper running shoe, not only will your workout be less enjoyable, it will also be less effective. So pay attention, and make sure the shoe fits!

Heidi Klum and Andrea Orbeck analyze Heidi's stepFollow Your Footprints

Cover your foot in bronzer, or if you don't have that, use a little lipstick mixed with lotion, and paint it on the sole of your foot. Step onto a blank sheet of paper to make a clear print. From high arches to flat feet, this will reveal the behavior of your feet. If your footprint is flat, find a shoe with corrective insoles.

Wear and Tear Aware

Take a look at the wear and tear pattern on the heels of your current, well-worn shoes to see where the most pressure is placed as you walk to get more specific on your precise gait.

Going shopping for fitness shoes can be intimidating, but Andrea recommends searching for a shoe that has arch support, motion control and cushioning for extra comfort and stability.

Look Sharp

Don't forget to stay stylish! Pick a shoe with a pretty color scheme and details so that you look and feel great when you run. If your shoes are so ugly that you can't bear to be seen wearing them, they won't do anything for your fitness regimen sitting on your shelf.