Fine Tune Not only does sloppy running look bad, it also increases your risk of injury. Fitness and Wellness expert Andrea Orbeck pairs up with Heidi to show you how to stretch in ways that will give you a cleaner stride and strengthen your core so you can have more stamina for your run.

Target specific muscles to work out so that you can run longer, stronger and faster!

Laying down on your side, using your elbow for support, lift and lower your top leg for at least 20 repetitions, keeping your posture straight and your abs tight to work out your glutes. If you are able to do 30 or more repetitions, try adding weights to your ankle for more resistance.

Heidi and Andrea Orbeck stretching warmupRows
A strong and stable upper back helps to avoid a slouchy posture while running. Standing with both arms stretched out before you, pull them back in a rowing motion, holding them at your sides and keeping your shoulder blades together to keep your back straight. Practice these rowing movements, being sure to keep your chest up, to decrease neck pain. You can also rotate your arms in and out, just remember to keep those elbows pinned to your sides!

Dead Lifts
Lifting your arms up with your hands behind your head, keep your back soldier-straight as you bend at the hips to tone the back, butt and hamstrings to enhance overall running performance.

Practice these exercises before you go running or just twice a week to retain a strong core and a straight posture.