New moms can be sleep deprived, short on energy, and even shorter on time. But I know some moves that moms (and dads) can incorporate into their day, that even involve the little one. By being mindful of your body, even while pushing the stroller, you can work toning moves into your normal routine, making the most of the time you have for yourself, and your baby.

-Hold your baby close and stand with your feet spread apart. Sit back into a squat, while focusing on tucking in your mid section, and sticking your butt out.

-Holding the baby out in front of you, complete the same squat move working your core, arms and shoulders.

-Try the "platypus walk." While holding the baby close, resume the squat position taking two steps forward and two steps back.

-While the baby is in the stroller, be sure not to hunch. Walking tall, throw your shoulders back and straighten your core.

-Use the stroller as support as you lunge. Be sure your knee never goes beyond your toes. Do 15 to 20 lunge repetitions.