We're nearly halfway through the month of January already--have you stuck to your health and fitness resolutions so far?

Whether you're still trying to get a plan in tact or you're struggling with meeting your goals, it's never too late to make healthy lifestyle changes. Fitness expert Andrea Orbeck is revealing her tips for getting healthy in 2013. Simple changes can add up to major accomplishments. You just need the right attitude to get started!

1. Meet new fit friends.
Statistics show that friends who are fit, active and make healthy lifestyle choices that greatly influence your own fitness goal outcomes. The positive peer pressure and inclusion to a group will encourage you to get on board with their activities.

2. Take one of those new 'fit friends' and make a workout partner out of them.
Having accountability to someone who shares your goals and dreams will keep you from bailing on your gym or activity commitment with them. They can be an ear to hear, a glute to kick and a deltoid to lay you head upon. The friendly competition won't hurt you!

3. Plan your meals.
This doesn't mean think about them in your head and theorize about it. It means to actually determine to buy what you should one day a week, prepare what you buy and eat it when you say you are going to. Bake several chicken breasts and use them the following days in salads and snacks, prepare a huge salad to last you a couple meals at your desk. Cut up a flat of raw veggies and snack on them.

4. Organize your calendar.
Pick a time, make a routine and commit to it as you would your bills. The popular excuse of "not having enough time" is one of the #1 foils to fitness. Mark it off in your schedule and defend it like a stretched seam defends tight pants.

5. Add three new things to your eating and recycle Them often.
Quinoa, fish and Brussels Sprouts are great examples. People complain about variety but never seem to get sick and tired of repetitive compliments.

6. Change up your workouts!
When we hit a wall with fitness, we often have to take inventory of what we've been doing. Have you been reading magazines like a zombie on the treadmill? You know you need to break up with that glossy and get moving (it will still be there when you are drenched in sweat and need the recovery!).

7. Join a class or a program that lasts for more than six weeks.
It will commit you and force you to your invest time and money.This way, it will become more of a priority. You'll also meet like-minded people and it will be enough time to create new, real habits.

8. Write a fitness journal.
Keeping track of your accomplishments will help you to see your progress and push you to keep up the good work!

9. Invest in technology.
Even a simple, affordable pedometer can give you the incentive to get those numbers up during the day to walk at lunch or take the stairs. There are also an abundance of free apps for the iPhone that can track your progress, calculate your calories and show you cool moves to tone and burn your bottom.

10. Make short and long term goals that are progressive and realistic for your life.
Nothing makes me more sad than to hear someone shout the proclamation of major change, to see them defeated, frustrated and sometimes injured within weeks. Don't go overboard all at once! A walk to a run to a sprint is how the tortoise beat the hare in the bikini contest. Give yourself time to adjust to your goals. Patience is key.