With a new year in full swing, you may have hopped on board the popular trend of kicking off your fitness resolutions for a healthier you. But fitting in a sweat session is only part of the work--keeping track of your progress is a great way to stay on track and improve your overall health. Fitness expert Andrea Orbeck shares the many benefits of keeping a fitness journal.

Why your should keep a fitness journal:

1. It reveals your habits.
When you write down your behaviors, you gain a lot of insight into the frequency of good and bad choices, says Orbeck. Looking at your choices on paper objectively gives you that reality check on what you really do most often!

2. It keeps you accountable.
When you are answering to the pages, you are stuck with the reminders to your commitments.

3. It makes your goals more realistic.
Seeing the sprint interval time, squat weight or smaller pant size on paper makes you realize all of your accomplishments and gives you the drive to keep up the good work.

4. It helps you see what works.
Connecting the dots from actions to results is the best way to know what to keep doing in your regime and what to modify.

5. Helps to see what doesn't work.
Plateaus are often found in the pages of a journal, says Orbeck. Itʼs a great way to do your body bookkeeping and find what changes need to be made within your program.

6. Shows your commitment.
Days missing from your exercise routine and bad eating too often will mirror itself when you are slacking off. Itʼs so much easier to avoid frustration when you feel in better control of your goal realities.

7. Helps you keep track of your food.
What you eat, how much and how often are all revealed in when you write it down. The hidden calories you failed to remember now are available to you to break patterns or celebrate continued success.

8. Helps keep track of your workouts.
This is a great place to know when to add gradual intensity and be on the lookout for your PBs (Personal Bests). Adding more weight to your lifts and minutes to your cardio are suddenly much more important when its written down!

9. Helps track your hydration.
We all say we get enough of the proper fluids for our activity level, but do we really? When you train hard and donʼt replenish, you are doing a disservice to your hard work. By writing down the amount of fluids you are taking in, you can make sure you are properly hydrating.

10. Helps you track your motivation.
What better way to identify your passions than to jot them down? Simply knowing that you had a rough week because of sleepless nights and heavy stress is way better than thinking you have become lazy and fallen to far off your resolutionʼs wagon.