Heidi and David running on the treadmill

Of all exercise machines, the treadmill has become one of the most versatile and essential pieces out there. Rain or shine, this is one machine that will always be there for you. Join Heidi and Fitness/Wellness Expert David Kirsch to learn some insider tips on how to make the most of your machine.

Treadmills aren't just for running! Grab the handles and pull back while bending at the waist for an extra intense pre-running stretch. Begin with a light warm up walk at a moderate speed to get your muscles ready.

Alternate both speed and elevation to burn the most calories and keep your heart pumping.

Begin with a two percent incline, which will take stress off your knees and firms up your behind. As Heidi and David say, the higher the elevation, the more bang for your butt!

Alternate walking at 2 to 3 mph with a 5 to 6 mph run.

Be sure to keep your back straight and your eyes ahead of you, rather than looking down at your feet in order to maintain balance.

While your legs do all the work, keep the rest of your body relaxed to avoid muscle strain and stiffness.

Keep your arms moving along with your legs and only grab hold of the handles when you really need to.

Finally, be sure to use your treadmill for more than just hanging up clothes. Rain or shine, you can always use this machine to get in an excellent calorie-burning and cardio workout.