lipstick shape

When you use a tube of lipstick, how do you apply it? Did you know the way you put it on can tell a lot about your personality? Beauty expert Jaimi Brooks of Fiore Beauty explores the topic of what your lipstick says about you!

On a recent trip away with girlfriends, one of my girls whipped out her lipstick and it was worn down in a way totally unlike my own. This brought fond memories of a Seventeen Magazine article (I think Seventeen, it's been awhile) whizzing back to me which said the way you use your lipstick is reflective of your personality type.

Is there something to this? I'm not sure about that, they're probably not spending too much time researching it at UCLA. It is fun to look at and reminds me of being 12 years old and wishing I used lipstick enough to be a "type". PhotobucketPhotobucket