Makeup expert Linda Hay and Heidi apply what they call "warm-weather makeup." By keeping the look soft, shimmering and glowing, this natural look won't run or smudge in hot weather, and your fresh face will appear calm and cool.

To begin, exfoliate your skin once a week, either with a facial scrub -- even a rough towel on shower-wet skin will do the trick -- to remove dead skin cells.

Apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF. The tint allows you to skip using a heavier foundation in the warmer weather months while still providing some coverage.

Do some spot concealer work under the eyes, on any redness around the nose and at the corners of the mouth.

Simulate a tan with a sweep of bronzer. Brush excess product off the brush before applying to the face.

Contour the face with a soft line of bronzer just below the cheekbone. Also use bronzer around the jaw line and on the neck, as well as on the forehead. Be sure to blend, and don't use too much product.

Use a soft blush on the apple of the cheeks. On Heidi, Linda used the pink section of the Astor Bronzer.

Highlight the eyes with a soft shadow. Apply a darker color to the outside of the eye, and a lighter color on the eyelid and inner corner.
Heidi Klum eye makeup application

Heidi's Tip: Be "snobby" and turn your nose up to the mirror so you can get the full view of the eyelid.

Curl eyelashes and apply mascara, but first remove excess product from the mascara wand. For Heidi's look, Linda used Astor Big & Beautiful False Lash Look mascara.

Add lip gloss to finish the look. Keep it light and it's a bonus if it has SPF. To add shine to Heidi's lips, Linda used Astor Lip Gloss.

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