wedged sneakers
Wedged sneakers
? We cringed when we first read it too, but ever since Isabel Marant's sneaker has been trending (the look boasts several different styling options), we've recently had a change of heart. This high-heeled shoe adds a level of sexy urban chic to an otherwise plain gym shoe.

In addition to Heidi, other celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys have all been seen sporting this look. You can stroll with the baby, dance the night away, or watch a basketball game with your beau in these hybrid shoes.

It's not practical to run in these 'sneakers' but they're probably be one of the more comfortable and unique pair of heeled shoes you'll own.

We've got a selection of these twisted shoes for you to check out. You can love it or hate it, but at least you can check them out for yourself first!

Here's a few of our favorite picks of wedged sneakers. Will you try them out, too?