With the New Year here it's the perfect time to check in on your beauty habits. Jaimi Brooks shows you six suggestions for primping-specific New Year resolutions to make sure that your 2012 is your prettiest year yet. Gotta love a fresh start!

1. Smooth Sailing in 2012- Are you exfoliating regularly? Exfoliation is key in giving you not only smooth skin, but hydrated, clear, glowing skin. Find a great exfoliator to use 2-3 times a week (St. Ives Apricot Scrub doesn't count. It does more damage than good so save it for your feet). There are two kinds of exfoliants: Physical, which has granules you can feel (Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant) or chemical exfoliator which does it enzymatically (Kate Somerville ExfoliKate). To be extra thorough, don't scrub harder, just do it longer. For extra-smooth skin, alternate between a chemical and physical exfoliator.

2. A pretty little schedule- You know all the things you need to do to make sure you're looking and feeling pretty all the time, but time slips away from us during the year. Sit down now with your calendar and write down when you should be having your haircuts, color, waxing, facials, brows done and then schedule them accordingly. This will make sure that you don't have those scraggly weeks that sneak up on you when you didn't realize that you're two months overdue for your haircut. If you need to reschedule, fine, but at least it'll be on your radar.

3. Pearly white- Nothing shows off your gorgeous red lips like flashing a pearly white smile. Get yourself into the dentist and then do a whitening treatment like the genius Go SMILE systems that get the job painlessly done at home in seven days.

4. Love your skin like a lady- Buying proper skincare can feel like a splurge and it can be really confusing to tackle Sephora to find the right choices, but when your skin is in tip-top shape come next November, you'll be happy that you spent the time and money. Make sure that you are using a wonderful eye cream, moisturizer, and sun block everyday (must be at least 30 SPF or more, there are plenty of great options).

5. Junk out- We hold on to our beauty products lots of time out of guilt. Enjoy some extra space and only have the good stuff on hand by getting rid of the things you don't like or use. That hairspray with the fragrance you hate? Out. The free-with-purchase Lancôme lipstick in an unflattering shade of mauve? Out. Last scraps of that melted lipstick? Nope. Be real, if you don't use it or like it, don't let it crowd your space. Don't feel bad, just recycle and make more careful beauty purchases in the future. Have only things you like in 2012.

6. Start your day out right- We start the day with our beauty regimen so make yours is user friendly and pretty, not stressful. Organize your beauty situation so that you can start the day nicely without digging and searching all morning. Buy a luxe makeup bag that has good organization (Kate Spade's are the best and last forever), devote a pretty tray or drawer to your nicely-placed products, or think of clever solutions for setting up your bathroom area more attractively and user friendly.

Enjoy! It's going to be a wonderful year!

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