Short Story

Of all the shorts out this season, we chose the three we liked the best. Watch this video to find out which shorts Maryam Malakpour suggests, and how to pair them with the appropriate top.

Classic Denim Shorts
Try a looser fit with classic denim shorts. After 30 years old, Heidi thinks it's a bit more appropriate to let the shorts slouch a bit. Roll cuffs at the bottom to get rid of the messy fringe. For a total look, try a t-shirt and let it slip off to the side. It's a nice summer silhouette.

Tweed Olive Shorts
These have a bit of character with the zippers and the pockets, and because they are a bit stretchy, you can get away with buying them in a smaller size. With grungy colored shorts like these olive ones, choose a simpler or more delicate top.

Bermuda Shorts
If you don't want to go super short, Bermuda shorts are a great alternative. It makes for more of a preppy look. Try pairing a scarf with this outfit, no matter what season it is -- it's a cool accessory all year round.