Logically, dressing for a red carpet event should be as simple as choosing a pretty frock off the rack and heading out the door, but in an age of 'Who Wore It Best?' and 'Fashion Police' and 13-year-old fashion bloggers who supposedly control the pulse of fashion with one tweet, it's anything but. I have walked quite a few red carpets over the past 18 years and have made it to the top of both the best- and worst-dressed lists.

Looking back over old photos, I don't regret any of the outfits I've worn, because each of them is a great indicator of my personality. I am a woman who likes to take chances and surprise people with the unexpected. I am playful and I like to experiment. I love clothing and shoes and accessories; it is fun to dress up. Critics may not always agree with my choices, but ultimately, I dress to impress me. These are some of my favorite red carpet looks from over the years.