A curly or wavy hair style can turn any woman into a bombshell with its volume and movement, but achieving the look for many can seem out of reach. Eric Gabriel gives you these steps that are easy to learn so you can try out the look yourself!

First, follow the steps to a perfect blowout with a round brush, using a thermal care cream to protect the strands from heat damage.

Next, section off hair into small manageable areas, working from the bottom up. Begin to wrap 1 – 2" sections around the curler, alternating directions with each application. When you reach the face framing pieces, curl them away from the face for that Farah Fawcett effect.

Never ever spray strands with hairspray before curling. In fact, Gabriel suggests avoiding hairspray all together if possible because it tends to weigh down the curl and kills movement and bounce. When finished curling the entire head, shake out or finger comb for a less "done" look. Add a brilliance cream from the middle of the shaft down, concentrating on the dry ends, and then spray root area with a texturizer to juxtapose the glossy ends.