Gel Manicure Main Photo

There is nothing more frustrating than chipped polish on a day-old manicure. Although adding the best strengthening topcoats do help, sometimes the nicks and chips are unavoidable. The newest nail craze is gel manicures, which last for two weeks, and doesn't damage your nails in the removal process.

Gel manicures are amazing for their brilliant shine--and there is no dry time. Once the application is complete, you can reach right into your bag, grab your keys, and there is no risk of a smudge.

ShellacCND is always on the cutting edge of nail techniques, and first introduced its Shellac last year. Shellac is best described as a hybrid-going on as a polish but having the appearance of a gel. The removal process is what will really get you--absolutely no buffering, and the simple to use nail removal wraps have your polish off in less than ten minutes.

Other brands like Geleration by Jessica, OPI Axxium and Nail Harmony 's Gelish have similar applications, so it's all up to trial and error, and of course your choices of colors.

The price of a gel manicure varies depending on the salon, but the range is $30 to $50. The removal process takes up to ten minutes and has to be done in a salon, which some see as an inconvenience, but the long lasting, perfectly shining manicure seems to outweigh the bad.