Heidi and Linda with eyelashes

Linda Hay shows Heidi how to apply false eyelashes to create a more dramatic look. By following her tips, you will learn how to apply the glue, how to shape the false lash to best fit your eye and how to get the dramatic (or natural) look that you want to achieve.

Choose which lashes are best for you, depending on what look you are going for.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara first to prepare the bed that the false lashes will lay across.

LInda showing False EyelashesRemove false lashes from their packaging with tweezers and measure and snip the lashes if they are too large for your eye.

For a more natural look, use smaller individual false lashes. Dip each lash into eyelash adhesive and apply one eighth of an inch apart from each other.

Use proper eyelash adhesive or surgical adhesive that is meant to be used on skin. Choose an adhesive that dries clear. Apply the glue directly to the underside of the strip and wait for it to get a bit tacky before applying.

Use tweezers to make sure the lash is pressed right against the lash line. Lift your chin and look down your nose to see where to place the lash exactly.

Apply more mascara just at the base of your lashes for a natural, feathery look.

To remove, splash warm water on your face and the lash adhesive will naturally come off.

Heidi applying false eyelashes