Eric Gabriel shows how to cut bangs Having bangs requires a lot of upkeep, and it's not always easy to find the time to get to the salon for regular trims.

Heidi's hair expert Eric Gabriel sets her up with her very own set of "bangs" to experiment with, while he demonstrates just how easy it is to trim that fast-growing fringe in between visits to the hair salon.

After the video, there's a cheat sheet from Eric to help you get your own fringe benefits at home.

Eric's Tips

1. Cut your bangs when the hair is dry.

2. Gather all of your bangs in the center. Try to hold your bangs as close to the face as possible without pulling them straight down.

3. If there are stay long pieces, put them back with the rest of your hair. Don't cut them off.

4. Cut at an upward angle instead of straight across. They may appear uneven, but this actually creates a nice, soft edge!

Heidi Klum and Eric Gabriel