You don't have to layer on a full face of makeup before you leave the house to look great-just applying a little lipstick can make a world of a difference. Take your look from drab to fab with these tricks. Your lipstick will stay on longer and look better than ever.

1. Use foundation (yes, on your lips!).
To keep lipstick looking radiant, prime lips for long-lasting color by using a touch of foundation on lips first to create a blank canvas. Blend a think layer onto lips, then apply lipstick over.

2. Go nude.
Line the whole lip with nude-colored pencil before applying lip color--the lipstick will last much longer!

3. Don't forget to blot.
Blotting between lipstick application leads to a brighter, more defined pout. After applying one coat of color, gently press your lips with a tissue, holding the tissue flat to your lips. Then, add another layer of color. You'll end up with a deeper, richer hue that stays put longer.

4. Use Kool-Aid as lip stain.
Yes, you read correctly. That flavored drink mix also works as a perfect lip stain! Follow these instructions for a perfectly pretty pout using an ingredient that many of us already have in our kitchen!

5. Repair broken lipstick in minutes.
No need to throw that tube away! Instead, use a lit match to gently melt the broken-off piece for just a few seconds. Then, stick the broken section back onto the base and press it down gently. Place the tube in the fridge until hardened, about twenty minutes.