Day To Night Main Photo After a long day working, I often have to run to an evening event. Hair expert Eric Gabriel and makeup expert Sabrina Bedrani are used to my hectic schedule and know how to take my look from day to night. Take heed of their tips and you'll be well on your way from the office to a fun night out.

Heidi having her hair curledStart with hair

1. Use dry shampoo and spray the roots of your hair. Shake it out.

2. Pin up large sections of hair.

3. Spray each section with thermal spray to protect it against heating tools like hair dryers and curling irons. Eric suggests Oribe's Volumista Mist.

4. Using an inch and a half thick curling iron, curl and pin your hair, then let it set.

While hair sets, move on to makeup

1. Enhance the eye makeup you're wearing to take your look from day to night. Apply liner to the lower lash line, working from the outside in. Do the same on the upper lash line.

2. Start with darker shadow on the outer corner and crease of the upper eyelid. Brush excess shadow off your brush onto the back of your hand before applying.

Sabrina Bedrani showing Heidi an eyelash curler3. Curl eyelashes. Sabrina says, "Everyone should have an eyelash curler in their purse."

4. Fill in eyebrows, using brow gel to "glue" them in place.

5. Use a lighter shade of eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyelid to give the appearance of a wider eye, and be sure to blend.

6. Use a white liner on the inner rim of the eye to make them appear bigger.

7. When going with a darker eye, stick to a nude or more natural lip. You don't want to have the eyes and lips competing. Use a lip brush for a more even application.

8. Use blotting paper to absorb extra makeup.

Makeup's done! Now finish hair

Heidi having hair dried by Eric Gabriel1. Once hair has cooled, slightly backcomb and tease each section.

2. Gently brush out the curled sections for a more effortless look.

3. Work in a styling cream to add texture.

4. If hair appears too curly, take a blow dryer and use your hands and fingertips to smooth it out.

You're done! Now go out and conquer the evening.