Cold Weather Beauty
The key for creating beautiful makeup in cold weather is actually to focus on taking care of your skin first, says makeup expert Sabrina Bedrani.

Sabrina recommends using products that are more hydrating and using creams instead of powders.

Here's her tips for creating beautiful winter skin. Then, check out the slideshow below for winter exfoliants to keep your whole body glowing, from head to toe.

--Use an eye cream to conceal redness around other areas of your face, such as around the creases of your nose and wherever your skin gets really dry.

--Don't forget to use SPF, even in the winter.

--Use primer before foundation, which Sabrina says is even more important in the winter to hydrate and keep skin looking smooth.

--When you apply your foundation, you can mix in a drop of liquid bronzer which will help warm up your skin tone.

--Don't forget the blush! Sabrina prefers cream blush over powder in winter because it glides on smoothly and doesn't leave dry skin looking flakey. "I like to use my fingers with the cream shadow," she says.

--Try waterproof mascara in winter-not only because of rain but because our eyes tend to tear in the cold and wind.

--Exchange gloss for tinted lip moisturizer. Sabrina tends to stay away from gloss in the winter because she finds the product to be too drying. Instead, she likes tinted lip moisturizer which keeps lips supple.