Though you may not realize it, the makeup brushes you use to apply your beloved shadows, foundations and liners can hide dirt, germs and oils, resulting in some unexpected breakouts. Makeup expert Sabrina Bedrani shows you simple ways to maintain the cleanliness of your makeup tools, so that the grime from your brush doesn't end up on your face.

Clorox Green Works Dishwashing LiquidSuds 'Em Up
While many people use baby shampoo to wash their brushes, I find that a gentle dishwashing liquid (like the one made by Clorox Green Works) is best to bathe my brushes. This is especially true for liquid makeup or foundation brushes, since dishwashing liquid is designed to get all of the grease out.

Suds 'Em Right
When using shampoo or dish-washing liquid, pour a small amount of liquid into your palm to work up a lather with warm water before swirling dampened brushes into the suds. Don't use too much soap and rinse, rinse, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

water bowlSuds 'Em Often
Keeping in mind the ease with which dirt can be transferred from your face to your brush (and back again), I recommend washing your brushes on a daily basis, especially if you have rosacea, sensitive or acne-prone skin. If you can't find time to do this every day, you ought to at least stick to a weekly brush-cleansing regimen with warm, soapy water.

Brush OffSuds on the Run
If you are in a rush, spray-on cleaner like Brush Off is excellent for quick cleansing. Just spray the hairs of the brush and gently wipe either side, back and forth onto a towel for a quick wash.

makeup brushes on towelKeep 'Em Dry
Brushes should be towel-dried and reshaped into their original form before being set out to air dry in an area where damp brushes won't collect any airborne debris. You can cheat a little by using a hair dryer if you're in a rush, so long as you maintain the brushes' original shapes.

makeup brushLove the Results
Whatever cleansing course you decide to take with your trusty makeup brushes, you can be sure that clean, dirt- and germ-free brushes will result in smoother product application and a fresher looking face -- with or without makeup!