How to apply bold lipcolorIt's just about the most dramatic look you can go for with makeup: the bold, red lip.

The problem with experimenting with such a powerful pigment is that you have to apply it with absolute perfection to make it look just right. And not to mention how to keep it from smudging, getting on your teeth or straying outside the lip line? All of these frustrating -- and a little intimidating -- factors keep a lot of women from trying to put on these shades of lipstick at all.

It's a good thing we have makeup expert Sabrina Bedrani to guide step-by-step on how to create the perfect red lip -- and to offer tricks for staying power that we never would have thought of on our own.

How to Create the Perfect Bold Lip

1. Begin by exfoliating your lips with either a facial scrub or a toothbrush dipped in lip balm to remove the dead skin.

2. Using the natural shape of your lips as a guide, line just inside of the lip line with a lip linerto contour and prevent lipstick bleeding, using a shade that's a bit lighter than your lipstick.

3. Use a lip brush to easily control the intensity and direction of lipstick applied, making sure to apply over the liner as well.

4. To prevent lipstick from staining teeth, use your index finger to get rid of excess lipstick on the inside of your mouth.

5. To make your lipstick last longer, dab your lips with a brush dusted in loose face powder and apply a second coat of lipstick on top.

6. If you prefer a bit more shine, pat lip gloss onto the center of lips.

7. Carry pointed cotton swabs with you to easily clean up makeup mistakes and define outlines.

Sabrina Bedrani shows Heidi Klum how to create a bold lip