Statement browsThe last few years may have been all about lighter, thinner brows, but lately, many women in fashion and film are opting for the exact opposite look.

Full, shapely, and filled-in brows are officially back from the past, taking over the spring runway and red carpet as the hottest new look.

We can kiss the burdens of over-plucked and over-tweezed eyebrows goodbye and say hello to a more natural, thick and slightly even boyish look. Before you have a panic attack and head to the nearest salon for a good wax, relax: We're not talking untouched wilderness of the 80's, but rather arched and shapely brows that become the focal point of the face.

A great, structure brow is an important part of enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes as well as your overall look- as opposed to thin eyebrows, which can detract from your eyes.

All you need to formulate naturally thick eyebrows is a good base shape. Then, you can let them grow in naturally by following the natural structure of your brows. This can easily be done with pencil, gel, or even powder.

Check out which celebrities are sporting the look now.