New shoes hurt most of the time. Period. There are so many tips out there on how to break in new shoes, such as wearing them around the house as much as you can. But this method is still slightly painful and sometimes you just don't have the time. And do you really want to soak them in water?

Instead, try this painless and quick method, courtesy of The Observer, and you can wear your new Louboutin's to tonight's party. All you need is your new shoes, thick socks and a blow dryer!


- Put on very thick socks (i.e. ski socks) and squeeze your feet in your shoes.

- Turn on your blow dryer and aim it at the tight sections while flexing and stretching your feet.

- Keep the shoes on while they cool and test them out with normal or without socks afterwards.

- Repeat the process as needed.

Tip: Give your shoes a shoe cream treatment afterwards as too much heat might dry out the leather.

Here are 10 other surprising uses for your hair dryer!

1. Curl your eyelashes.
Use a hair dryer to heat up an eyelash curler before you curl your lashes.

2. Get custom-fit eyeglasses.
heat the ends of an inexpensive pair of glasses with a hair dryer, then mold to get a more customized fit for your face!

3. Remove candle wax stains from furniture.
Spill candle wax on something? No problem! Use a hair dryer on the hottest setting to melt the wax, then wipe away residue with a clean cloth.

4. Defrost your freezer.

5. Remove wrinkles from your shower curtain.
Using the dryer on a high setting, blow the dryer on the shower curtain-the warm air will help remove wrinkles.

6. Remove bandages without the "ouch" factor.
Bandages come off with ease when you soften the adhesive first with your hair dryer.

7. Unstick photos from albums.
Remove stuck photos from those old magnetic albums by shooting them with a shot of warm air with your dryer first.

8. Remove crayon marks from the wall.
You love your child and his art project, but not all over your white wall! Remove crayon marks by applying heat from the hair dryer directly to the area until soft, then scrub using a combination of hot water and detergent.

9. Blow-dry your salt and pepper shakers after you wash them out to prevent lumps from forming in your condiments.

10. Dry salad greens.
Using the cool setting, dry washed greens faster with your hair dryer!