Coast to Coast Style: Northeast

Petra Flannery
is showing Heidi what to wear in northeastern cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City, with tips and tricks for styling outfits inspired by these regions.

First, Petra shows us a chic suit that represents a stylish woman from Washington. D.C.

"When you look for a suit, look for pieces that have feminine details so it doesn't look too masculine," Petra says. In this case, it's all about a subtle pattern on the fabric. "Lace makes it very sexy and feminine," says Heidi. To keep it feminine, try wearing your hair down, which softens a strong outfit.

Next, Petra shows us an outfit inspired by Philadelphia-a casual but chic skinny jean paired with equestrian riding boots and a classic cable knit turtleneck. "A knee high equestrian boot is a winter staple," says Petra. But when you try this look, just make sure not to go overboard with too many thematic items. I think you have to be careful that when you wear these boots you don't wear the riding jacket and the riding coat so you don't look like you just came from riding a horse," says Heidi.

The third and final fashion look of the Northeast is inspired by New York City. Given the region is more metropolitan, there's a larger need for a more sophisticated style, says Petra. A basic black dress with blazer over it is the perfect choice. "What's great about a look like this is you can really change it up with accessories, she says. "This is also an easy look to take from day to night."

Remember, when you're shopping for wardrobe staples, don't just buy basics. Pieces with great detailing like tailored shoulder or boots with studs will easily take the look from drab to fab!