Coast to Coast Style: Northwest

Heidi and Stylist Petra Flannery are showing us three looks inspired by the
Northwest regions of the country.

First, we see a look from Seattle! Playing off the idea that Seattle is a seaport city, Petra chose a scarf, a fisherman's sweater, a windowpane-printed mini skirt and welly boots. The welly boots are a cute addition to the look-an unusual pairing that works well together (and keeps your feet dry).

Next up is Missoula! For this region, Petra chose an earthy-toned patterned dress with a warm vest and outerwear. Don't feel like you're stuck wearing winter snow boots only with jeans, they look very cute with a dress too!

The final look is inspired by Portland. Cotton flannels are essential for the region, says Petra. She chose to pair flannel with skinny jeans and a casual ankle boot--the boot really ties everything together. I" love flannel, I wear flannel all the time," says Heidi.

With these fashion tips, now you can look great in any Northwestern city!